Romwe coupons and promo codes

Hello. In fact, Romwe is an online store with Ali assortment trimmed to the youth side, prices at about the same level, a single technical support and a concise interface. I made my first order on October 1 at a discount coupon. There was only one position in the order — a cocoon coat with a sloping shoulder line. There were few photos on the site, but the cost was so ridiculous that I paid for the order without the slightest doubt. Lucky — well, by — well, okay. Money from the card was written off instantly, but the store only saw them the next day. Then the fun began — the collection and dispatch of the order. In general, delivery from the worldwilde store, there is a paid express delivery, but, of course, it does not apply to my country. Romwe promises to send the goods within 3 days from the date of payment, but after 5 days, and then a week, the status of the order was still listed as — paid. I wrote a polite letter with a completely natural question, and after a couple of days I received a polite response: thank you for your patience, wait a few more days. As a result, the order was sent exactly two weeks after the payment. On the same day, a track number and a link to the tracking site were sent to me by mail. The site did not find the post by the number for three days, but then still deigned. Google Translate suggested that the hieroglyphs in the status bar mean that my coat is in Beijing. Further more. Romwe asks to write to tech support if tracking is not updated for more than 10 days. I waited for the update days 20, but to no avail. She wrote a polite letter again, and again received a polite response — wait a little more. And, lo and behold! The mail site recorded my order at customs on November 12th. Then the track was updated daily and from the customs to my city the coat reached exactly three days. And I think it's incredible that I have no complaints about our mail. As for the coat. The expression — the price corresponds to the quality, it is appropriate here more than ever. In addition, I almost missed the size, and my coat is not enough. But despite this, I think that replacing the accessories, I will still wear it unbuttoned on warm days. For Romwe promo codes, I'll order something else — put on a couple of times. Because for such money — neither the delivery time, nor the quality at the output, personally do not strain me.